Femens Liberated from Tunisia

Just a few hours after landing in Paria, the three Femen members liberated from a prison in Tunisia gave a press conference. After repeating numerous times that they did not regret their actions, the three members described their conditions of imprisonment. According to them, they went through daily humiliation from the police. Femen is a activits movement for women’s rights.

Djokovic Stays Strong

Novak Djokovic didn’t miss a beat when he vanquished Bobby Reynolds in three sets (7-6, 6-3, 6-1) in the second round at Wimbledon. The number two in the world could face Jeremy Chardy or Jan-Lennard Struff for a place in the knockout stages of the tournament. The Serbian will be looking to get back to his number one world form after his unfortunate loss to Nadal in the French Open.

More Deaths in Turkey Riots

The protests didn’t weaken in the fifth day of troubles that continue to mobilize thousands of people in Istanbul and the entire Turkey. The protesters are challenging the governing authority of the Prime Minister and the Islamization of society. Two people were killed after the start of the movement was suppressed by the police. A twenty two year old youth was killed by bullets on Monday night, according to news reports.

Stop the Rhino killings

There has been Rhino horns that are selected by the buyers in Asia the purpose is to medicinal properties so that the does are sophistication of the poachers. There are hunting gangs that come at night. They use night-vision Google and high power rifles while flying in helicopters. The unsuspecting rhinos have no chance. The Daily telegraph this week was shown the drone that is in pursuit of suspected poachers in South Africa. The drones are lightweight and they can be powered by batters. They can be launched in a few minutes and they can fly for up to five miles for about an hour and a half. They are filled with cameras that have high-resolution and can pick up elephants and rhinos and even lions that are being tracked.

The truth behind Muslim women

Many people have misunderstanding of how Muslima came into being. The women are seen as weak and powerless and they are subjected. However this is a misinterpretation of the veil that will tell if one is truly a Muslim women or not. The way to get rid of the stereotype is to learn about the Muslim women and speak to the realities of their living through interviews. A Muslim women can be modern and she can visit the exhibition and she do interviews she can socialize with leading women and they can change the world. The women may remain with any ideas that they want. This is the first step to understanding muslim women

Do Arsenal Know Sagna Replacement

According to British newspaper The Telegraph, Arsene Wenger and the Gunners were considered Lukasz Piszczek to replace Bakary Sagna. Since his contract expires in 2014 and a only recently he did not close the door on a move to Paris-Saint-Germain or AS Moncao, it appears like Bakary Sagna is close to leaving Arsenal.

Israeli Airforce Shoot Down Drone

The Israeli Airforce shot down a drone (a plane that has no pilot and is remotely controlled) nearby Haifa in the north of the country. The Israeli government is accusing the Lebanese Hezbolla of being responsible for the aircraft. Lebanese Hezbollah has denied the claim through a message released in their official television channel. It all happened at the start of midday. Israeli radars detected the drone a little after one o’clock. Two F-16 fighers then received the order to destroy the drone, which is exploded in flight less than ten kilometers from the Israeli coast.

Klopp Discusses Mourinho

The coach of Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp, devalued the fact that Jose Mourinho had went to watch his team play on Saturday. The Portuguese manager of Spanish club Real Madrid, Dortmund’s upcoming European opponent, saw Klopp’s club win 6-1, but the German manager said that the information Mourinho collected will be futile for him: “He will return home with information that will not serve him in the next two weeks,” he said.

Daughters of Mandela in Battle of Inheritance

After fighting against pneumonia and being discharged from hospital less than one week ago, Nelson Mandela saw his name being involved in a new battle, this time for his inheritance. Two daughters of the former South-African president are trying to win in court control of portion of the assets of their father. Makaziwe and Zenami are accusing George Bizos and two other people of unduly occupying Mandela’s two investments funds. The value of the assets are believed to reach up to 1.7 million.

French Senate Approve Gay Marriage

The Senate in France approved on Friday a project that legalizes same-sex marriage. The vote in the higher chamber of Parliament, where the majority are of the socialists of the president Francois Hollande, happened despite large protests from the public. Opponents of the law, the majority of them conservatives and evangelicals, wanted to maintain the traditional concept of marriage. The French justice minister, Christine Taubira, one of the biggest supporters of the project, said that the reform recognizes the large growth that has already happened with parents of the same sex in the country and that they deserve the same protections to marriages formed by a man and woman.