Australia State Of Emergency

Australian Authorities have just launched a state of emergency after the forest fires had gotten out of control. They have been raging for over a week and it just looks like its about to get worse as the forecast is strong winds and dry hot whether. The new state of emergency give authorities more power like to demolish a building or to evacuate people forcibly. Hundreds of houses have burned so far. Continue reading

Israel and Palestine to Negotiate

It has been three years since Israel and Palestine were not talking anymore. After four months of intense efforts of the United States Secretary of State John Kerry, the two countries have accepted to restart peace talks. This is the start of direct negotiations for the next nine months, said the spokesperson for the State Department, Jennifer Psaki. “We are going to expend all our effort to achieve an agreement during that time frame”. She also added that the nine months are not a deadline.

Lebanese Man Has his Penis Cut Off

A Sunni Lebanese man who married a young Druse girl had his penis cut off and his teeth pulled out by the relatives of his wife who were opposed to their union, according to reports by the local press. Rabih, who is 39, met and his wife Roudeina, 19, through Facebook and the two got married in July against the advice of the parents. The brothers of the Roudeina lured Rabih into a meeting where they proceeded to tear out his teeth and slice off his penis. According to local reports, Rabih would have died if not for intervention by locals. Marriages between Druses and non-Druses is extremely rare in Lebanon. The man has been transported to hospital.

Malian Presidential Campaign Launched Amidst Doubt

The campaign for the presidency of July 28 was opened on Sunday. But doubt persists over the election that is being rushed by many politicians. It appears as if the elections will go ahead at any cost, despite the numerous obstacles that need to be overcome to make it successful. Politicians, however, remain resolute in their wish of holding the election in less than a month from now. Seven million voter cards need to be distributed and 500 thousand Malians are still displaced or refugees.